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ServerTwisting Nether
Strangers With Candy of Twisting Nether

Who are we?
Strangers with Candy is a casual guild on the server Twisting Nether (EU) which consists mostly of real-life friends who have been playing together since early classic and raided since Burning Crusade. We see ourselves as a casual guild considering we only raid 3 days a week but do keep in mind that even though we're casual we take our raids pretty seriously.

Raid timings.
Currently our raid timings are Tuesday, Thursdag and Sunday. 19:30-23:30.

We are currently searching for dedicated people to continue our raids in Cataclysm. We are in big need of an Arcane Mage, Restoration Druid and Restoration Shaman. But other classes and specs are also welcome. So hit that apply button down below to get things rolling!

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Strangers with Candy is recruiting for Cataclysm raids
14/12/10 07:35 by Kotik

Thats right. We're recruiting exceptional players dedicated to clearing Cataclysm content. We are currently in need of most DPS classes.


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